Our Mission

The Northwest District NYI exists to provide Christ-centered opportunities, resources and training for local youth ministries.

NW District NYI Leadership:

  • Executive Council:
    • President:  Billy Buisman
    • Vice President:  Shawn Stevenson
    • Secretary:  Ryan O'Neill
    • Treasurer:  Randy Kemp
  • Cluster Presidents:
    • NW:  Ryan O'Neill
    • NC:  Shawn Stevenson
    • NE:  Kevin Bingaman
    • SW:  Sean Carpenter
    • SC:  Andrew Hickman
    • SE:  Kyle White
  • Event Coordinators:
    • Teen Bible Quizzing:  Vern Riehle
    • Summer Camp:  Kyle Yake
    • Breakthrough:  Kevin Bingaman
    • Super 7:  Steve Thomas