Super 7 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super 7?

It is our district All-Nighter (11pm-6am) at the U of I Kibbie Dome. It is one of the most exciting events we do all year! Don't miss out on dodgeball, football, basketball, volleyball, olympic swimming pool, soccer, board games, and all the other cool activities we have planned for you for around $20 (although your church might be charging more). Super 7 is attended by over 500 teens from around our district and we have room for even more, so invite ALL of your friends, and talk to your youth worker for their details about this awesome experience.

How can I advertise Super 7 at my local church?

Lisa Ponczoch and Daniel Manning, our Super 7 Coordinators, will make all promotion material available here.

Do I need to sign up & pay for Super 7 in advance?

No, but you do need to check in with your local youth pastor for transportation and payment questions! All students and adults that are attending Super 7 pay at the door at the Kibbie Dome. You may pay for your student individually or pay the local church, who would write one check to the district. Either way, there is no advance registration or payment for Super 7.

Does my local church need to send adults to Super 7 with the students?

Absolutely! The University of Idaho will have security along the perimeter our event - but they will not be involved in interacting with the students. We request that you have at least one adult accompany every 8 students you bring to Super 7 .

What about volunteering opportunities for Adults at Super 7?

We have covered security roles with paid staff this year, but we will still NEED many adult volunteers to help with the activities.  We need those adults volunteering to help with Super 7 to RSVP that they want to volunteer at Super 7 to Lisa Ponczoch ASAP if they want to volunteer to get in for free.  

Do adults have to pay to enter Super 7?

Not if they RSVP to Lisa Ponczoch to help at Super 7.  All adults not volunteering to help the district will pay $20 at the door.